shawl-ramie-3-16Hi there. My name is Patricia Gillies.

I’ve been knitting almost since I could read, and I’ve been spinning since the mid-noughties.

I offer spinning courses and workshops in the Guelph and Wellington County areas of Ontario, and individual coaching sessions in spinning and knitting. I’m especially good at decoding patterns.

I started spinning after a weekend workshop, with a second-hand folding wheel and a homemade drop-spindle. But I truly learned to ply my trade through the Master Spinner program at Olds College, just north of Calgary, Alberta.

I’m currently obsessed with the stitch definition of luxury blends – from cashmere (my favourite) and yak to camel, angora and bison. I’m blending each alternatively with silk, cotton and Merino. My everyday fibre for spinning is Bluefaced Leicester, but I’m also a fan of other long wools, including Gotland, Polworth and Finn.

For knitting, I favour lace weights and fingering yarn. And I never met a skein of silk I didn’t like.

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