cashmere alpaca silk

Hi there. My name is Patricia Gillies.

I’ve been knitting almost since I could read, and I’ve been spinning since the mid-noughties.

I offer spinning courses and workshops in the Guelph and Wellington County areas of Ontario, and individual coaching sessions in spinning and knitting. I’m especially good at decoding patterns.

I started spinning after a weekend workshop, with a second-hand folding wheel and a homemade drop-spindle. But I truly learned to ply my trade through the Master Spinner program at Olds College, just north of Calgary, Alberta. In my graduating year, I specialized in luxury fibres — from cashmere and yak to camel, angora and bison — blending them alternatively with silk, cotton and Merino. For everyday spinning, I work with a broad range of fibres, including alpaca, Bluefaced Leicester, Romney, Shetland, Cheviot and Dorset. 

For knitting, I favour lace weights and fingering yarn. And I love a little lustre, as long as it’s natural.

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